Sonus acoustic pendant light by Liqui Contracts.

The Sonus acoustic pendant light by Liqui Contracts has an acoustic lampshade made from felt with a hand-finished oak frame that is rounded at both ends forming a modern capsule shape. The felt is a sound-absorbing material and acts as acoustic panels to improve the noise levels in a room. Our acoustic light fixtures are particularly useful in large spaces like conference rooms or open-plan offices, where sound can bounce off hard surfaces, causing echoes and making it difficult to hear.

Acoustic lighting can help to create a more comfortable and peaceful environment. This has the added benefit of making a positive impact on well-being in the workplace. Studies have shown that good acoustics and lighting can reduce stress, improve mood, and increase productivity. By combining these qualities within a beautiful design our Sonus acoustic pendant light has both practical and aesthetic benefits for a wide range of spaces. Clearly useful as office lighting, our contemporary ceiling lights would work equally well in a variety of hospitality settings which would be enhanced visually as well as acoustically.

The Sonus acoustic pendant light is made to order by our own craftspeople in our Sussex workshop. The advantage of this is that the light fixtures can be customised to suit your commercial interior. Not only is the felt that we use to cover our acoustic lampshade available in a range of colours, but if preferred, we have the option to use ply instead; which can be painted in any RAL K7 classic colour. And, the sustainably sourced oak frame of the hanging lights can also be finished in a variety of ways. All in all, this makes our modern acoustic light very adaptable and useful to interior designers.


The finishes shown below are standard finishes, if you wish to specify any other finish, then please contact us to discuss your requirements.




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